Our Team


Zachary Hart

State General Agent (SGA)

Zachary first joined American Income Life in 2000, right out of high school. He was personally recruited by his brother, Mathew Hart.

Zachary has been very successful during his career with American Income Life. Here are a few of his significant accomplishments.

  • 2005 Top Individual Producer setting all time World records for Monthly / Yearly Production.

  • 2010 Million Dollar Producer

  • 2012, 2013 Top MGA

  • 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Top SGA

  • 2015 SGA over $5,000,000

  • 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Executive Council Member

  • 28 International Award Winners since 2014

  • Promoted 5 SGA/Owners since 2014

  • Created 7 Millionaires since 2014

In his free time Zachary enjoys baseball, football, fishing, coaching, and being a father to his four children.

Zachary also developed his own nonprofit The Hart Foundation in 2018 which specializes in protecting the community and other non-profits!

Ryan Fickert

Regional General Agent (RGA)

Ryan started with AIL in August 2010 in Columbus, Ohio. He was promoted to supervising agent in March 2011, later that year he met Zachary Hart and began working with him. After a few months of working with Zachary he was number one supervising agent with AIL back to back months. In March 2012 he was promoted to a general agent, and moved to Lexington, Kentucky to open a satellite office there.

In August 2014, he was promoted to MGA, Senior Executive, with Zachary becoming an Owner. He came with Zachary and revamped the Michigan Offices. Soon after they built and developed the Zach Hart Agency to number one agency with AIL. They continued to build and develop the agency, in 2016 Ryan was number four MGA at AIL, in January 2017 I was promoted to Regional Director. That same year Ryan was number one RGA at AIL!

When Ryan is not working he spends time with his wife, and his two daughters.


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Darcy Schrieber BIO PIC.jpg

Darcy Schrieber

Master General Agent, Regional General Agent (MGA, RGA)

Darcy joined American Income Life in 2010 after retiring from a career in education as a High School Principal. AIL offered the unlimited opportunity he was looking for his family in a career. Within the first few months, He moved into the leadership ranks and began growing in the company. The most attractive part of his career is working with the people, while serving them as they strive to hit their personal goals. Continual leadership development and mentoring is the key to a thriving organization and he is proud to play a role with how people grow in the company.

He has been married to his wife Amanda going on twenty years now. They have three children. He serves as an Elder in his church where he and his family serve and worship.

Paul Smith

Master General Agent (MGA)

Paul started out as an Agent in Columbus Ohio. His career took off quickly and he was promoted to SA after two months. He was the last person that Zachary Hart trained before he opened in Michigan.

Paul walked stage as the number two producer in 2015 while being in leadership and building his team at the same time. He qualified six times for Founders Club, three times for Presidents Club, and the million dollar club all in his first five years.

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Nick Scordos 

Master General Agent

Nick has held every role with AIL, from Agent to State General Agent. 

He gives all credit and glory to God for all successes and achievements he's had it thus far, although he feels he hasn't scratched the surface of his potential.  As a Senior Executive, he helps run three of our top offices, Troy Mi, Grand Rapids Mi and South Bend Indy. 

Jeffery Hudson

Master General Agent (MGA)

Jeffery Hudson started his career with the Zach Hart Agency in 2016. After a few months with the company he got into a leadership role as a supervising agent where he set two weekly leadership records and currently hold the all time monthly production record for an SA in both first six month and post six month production.

Jeffery then stepped into a general agent role where he set the international record in weekly production and currently holds four spots for weekly records. He also holds the all time monthly record as a general agent in both first six months and post six month production. Jeffery walked stage as the number two general agent in the company and was promoted to master general agent after being with the company for less than two years.

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Steven King BIO PIC.jpg

Steven King

Master General Agent (MGA)

Steven left the automotive industry and began with AIL in 2004. He quickly realized this company would allow you to advance very quickly, if you were not afraid of hard work. After fifteen months he had been promoted six times and ultimately been promoted to a senior executive position.

After six months into his new position he had built the largest team in our Troy, Michigan location. With that success He was offered his own office in Lansing, MI. In Lansing, his teams success continued to where he had the opportunity to lead a team and open offices in Grand Rapids, MI and South Bend, IN. After almost sixteen years in the business. Steven’s teams continue to deliver internationally recognized results.