Who We Serve

Hart Foundation Community Involvement

The Hart Foundation founder believes that if you take from the community, you must also give back to the community, whether it’s where you live, work, or visit.

When Hart representatives visit homes, they ask for a donation of non-perishable foods to help stock local food banks. Each holiday season, local offices deliver gifts for families in need. When disaster strikes, Hart is on the front lines to help provide what is needed.

The Hart Foundation partners with a local charity throughout our territory. Whenever possible, engage in hands-on volunteer opportunities.

The projects listed below are but a few of our community involvements.

Encourage Me I'm Young

Partnered with Encourage Me I'm Young to help create a society that enlists today’s youth to embrace their abilities as they become the future leaders of tomorrow.

Life Remodeled

Partnered with Life Remodeled to help make lasting impacts in Detroit neighborhoods by partnering with local residents. Together, we remove blight and create safe, inspirational pathways to schools and homes.

Life Challenge Logo (4).png

Life Challenge

Partnered with Life Challenge to help men and women with drug, alcohol, and other life-controlling addictions. Their goal is more than rehabilitation helping men and women get clean and sober. Providing a unique opportunity for people to separate themselves temporarily from the normal distractions of life and give needed attention to personal spiritual growth.

Grable Boxing Acemdy PNG.png

Grable Boxing Academy

Partnered Grable Boxing Academy to give back to the community and fight for our youth by providing discipline and life principles both in and out of the ring.

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Hart Of Christmas

Every Christmas we look to sponsor amazing families in the Midwest that deserve the best Christmas, but due to unfortunate events they may not have one at all. We come in with gifts and love to dozens of families every year to ensure they have a Christmas to remember.

Police Officers Association Of Michigan.

Police Officers Association Of Michigan

Partnered with the Police Officers Association Of Michigan to help provide every labor related service from negotiations, grievance processing, legal and legislative representation to Act 312 arbitration.

Ospreys Logo.png

Michigan Ospreys

Partnered with Michigan Ospreys to help encourage the bill of responsibilities and embrace the traditions of baseball with respect and dignity. Everything they do is to improve the quality of the team, both as a whole and the individuals involved.

We want to see each player's continued development and success both on and off the field.